5 Marketing Habits Entrepreneurs Should Adopt in 2020

marketing Nov 27, 2019

Before you go glass clinking and toasting to the new year, have you thought about what your marketing will look like in 2020? Champagne toasting and marketing don't seem like they should be in the same sentence. But, if you adopt these 5 marketing habits in 2020, you will be toasting more often than NYE.

1. Know your numbers.

Let's get the nerdy part out of the way up front. Most entrepreneurs are making marketing decisions based on their gut alone. Intuition goes a long way in all decisions, but numbers don't lie. If you're planning to invest money or time in your marketing in the new year, you need to know your numbers. Make a habit of reviewing money spent, money saved, and of course, money made with your marketing. 

2. Be consistent.

No more on-again-off-again marketing in 2020. Make a plan you can realistically stick to with creating and scheduling content. If you find your chosen cadence is too much, choose consistency and adjust. Every algorithm in the digital world rewards consistent content. So, make a habit of being on your platforms regularly and giving your audience the wonderful content you've created especially for them.

3. Stick to the plan.

First, have a plan. Second, stick to said plan. As entrepreneurs, we always have 3543434836874684 ideas that we want to throw in the mix. It's just our nature and unparalleled capacity for greatness! Having a lot of new ideas is both a strength of entrepreneurs and a weakness. Having a plan helps you vet this new idea that you've just got to do. Make a habit of referring back to your 2020 marketing plan so your genius ideas can get in where they fit in or go on your list of "dope ish to do one day."

4. Learn. Learn. Learn.

Whether you're handling your marketing yourself or are outsourcing, you need to be in the habit of learning new things. You don't want to spend 2020 chasing trends. Be one of the first to try new marketing tactics. With knowledge, you become the trendsetter! Most of the time the only difference between you and a bigger brand is knowledge.

5. Blaze trails.

Yes. In 2020 make a habit of doing what you want, when you want, how you want. Be authentic. Be bold. Be risky. Blaze a path that ELEVATES everything you touch. Give yourself room to try new things with your marketing. It can take a while to develop this habit. Many of us get caught up in what we're "supposed to do." But, you're the boss! What you say goes. So... get blazing!

Good habits are a commitment to your own greatness. Easy, right? Now, that's something to toast to! CHEERS!


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